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The Simone Set | attaching the straps

The one place that needs a little attention when making the Simone Camisole is the straps – a little attention to detail here can help to make your garment look really professional. We’ve done this photo tutorial to give you an extra helping hand. So, are you ready to get a lovely finish to those […]

The Simone Set | the waistband

Before we start, this isn’t an actual “how to make an elastic waistband” tutorial, that’s all covered in the Simone Maker instructions, but this is a few extra ideas and options that I thought may be useful. And while I’m writing with the Simone pattern in mind, you can apply these ideas to any elasticated […]

The Simone Set | sewing a narrow hem

The Simone Set | One of my favourite details of The Simone Camisole is the lovely gently shaped hem. A shaped or curved hem doesn’t really like having a big hem allowance, it’ll look twisted and ‘ropey’ so a narrow hem is the best option. They can be tricky to finish neatly if you are […]

The Simone Set | add a permanent stitched crease

During one of the numerous samples I made while testing the Simone Set, it occurred to me a really nice detail to add to the trousers would be to sew a permanent crease down the front legs. A stitched crease, which is basically a pintuck, is sometimes seen on on tracksuit bottoms and often on […]