Ah Facebook… you’re so sweet to care about my memories, because I had totally forgotten that it’s 2 years ago today I launched my first pattern! It’s written on a post-it that sits on the wall next to the computer, about two feet from my head, and still I forgot!😂😂
The very first one was The Maria Wrap Apron, followed by The Wendy Artisan Smock. I still only have four patterns (not the 12 I had delusion-ally envisioned!) but number 5 is on her way. There are plans being hatched from behind the sewing machine / computer screen, where I spend most of my days, for printed patterns and to join in the fun at some of the big sewing shows.
Oh, and two years in, we still do an actual little happy dance and high five each other every time another Maven Pattern goes out into the world!
It’s a joy to be part of this sewing community, and witness the kindness and generous spirits that I have seen from all of you magnificent sewing ladies! Thank you!

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