The Newtown House Interview

A Maven at your sewing table

We are very lucky to have our patterns stocked by the lovely Amy and Nick of Newtown House in New Zealand.

Their values align rather magnificently to those of Maven, and they have a wonderfully curated shop with the emphasis on celebrating craftsmanship and the passion it brings.

‘Newtown House is at the beginning of a life adventure, with all the fear and risk still to be navigated. We hope we’ll be an inspiration for people entering their middle years to follow their passion, to take the plunge and define what’s going to give their later years meaning and joy.’

They also tell the stories of their Makers.

You can read mine here.

*also my hair doesn’t look like that anymore. I stopped dying it shortly after this picture was taken and now it’s full on salt and pepper grey in all its glory.
No political/feminist/social statement intended. I could just think of other things I’d rather do with my time!