I have a little collection of FRENCH DART SHIFTS by #MAVENMAKERS to share today.

All of these lovely talented ladies have made The French Dart Shift dress pattern and each one is completely different…

get ready for some inspiration!

I’ve included Instagram links so you can have a little nosey at their other makes too!MAVENMAKERS_THE FRENCH DART SHIFT_Fiertie


First we have @fiertie. Gillian has made the first sleeveless French Dart Shift I’ve seen and I love it!

She didn’t have enough fabric for sleeves and as someone who firmly believes the most creative solutions come from working with what you’ve got, I wholly approve!

I’m also in total awe as Gillian french seamed the whole dress…yep, including side seams with pockets!



Next we have @purlingpaige. Paige has made her FDS from a most gorgeous delicate print, and gone with the short sleeve and collar combo.

This is exactly how I imagined her being worn when I designed the pattern, layered over a skinny t-shirt and with boots or layered over jeans. This is pretty much my everyday outfit!



And here we have @birch_slap wearing her FDS over her jeans (my favourite way!) and she’s used the most divine fabric.

Green + grey + barkcloth = ALL THE LOVE in my book!

Kerynne has left the collar off her dress, and bound the edge instead, which gives a great easy-to-wear slash neck shift.

It’s amazing how you all put your own individual stamp on the same pattern, from choice of cloth, construction methods, to little individual details!THE FRENCH DART SHIFT_MAVEN PATTERNS_3/4 LENGTH SLEEVE


And this final one is mine! I made a new one as I have actually worn out my original one. Literally worn it into holes!

I made her from an Ikea linen curtain that was in Bargain Corner, and extended the short sleeve pattern to ¾ length. I have a little tutorial here. Then dyed her with some navy Dylon machine dye once she was finished (except the hem. I overlocked but didn’t turn up and hem, but that was because I was impatient rather than any actual technical thought on my behalf).

And, honestly, I did press her before I took the photo. TWICE. And it still looks like I slept in her. Never mind, I probably will at some point.

Thanks to all you lovely ladies for sharing your #MAVENMAKER makes!

If you have one you want to share tag me @mavenpatterns on Instagram or drop me an email me to hello@mavenpatterns.co.uk

Or if you need to buy the pattern follow the link below to ETSY!


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