Jen has kindly shared her version of The Maria Wrap Apron. She has made a great fabric choice using a navy linen and a cute bird print (quite Scandinavian) in a coral colour as a contrast, and followed this tutorial to make a completely reversible apron.

And oh my, just look at the pockets! I do love a bit of contrast binding. (I spent yesterday testing how wide you can have the binding at a neck – not very as it turns out, more experimentation needed) It’s very exciting for me to see you lovely ladies put your own spin on your Maria Wrap Aprons. You can read all about Jen’s adventures in sewing at her blog “Let the Sewing Begin”, go and take a look – it’s a great read!

Does anyone else have sewing plans? I’m planning on making myself the pinafore version soon(ish) for the winter, to wear with thick tights and boots – the weather is very grey here in England this morning, but I’m so glad to be able to wear boots and scarves again (and not bother to shave my legs) 🙂

Keep sharing your makes ladies,

Happy stitching,

Mrs M. xxx

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