PDF Digital Patterns FAQ


DIGITAL FEATURES | New to PDF’s? The beauty of digital PDF patterns is that they are instant. They are designed to be printed at home on standard quality A4 or US letter paper- so much stronger than traditional tissue paper, which ensures durable and long-lasting patterns. The PDF pattern comes with 2 files, the print at home file that includes the Maker Instructions and the pattern. The 2nd file is an A0 file to print at a copy shop on a wide format printer. Our PDF patterns are layered so you can toggle layers on and off allowing you to just print the sizes you want. Our PDF Maker instructions contain hyperlinks to connect you directly to a Maven tutorial.

A0 COPYSHOP | All of our patterns also include a separate A0 file for printing at a copy shop. We recommend our favourite printer Orbit Imaging.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUR DIGITAL PATTERN | Once you have completed the checkout your order will be displayed on the screen with links to download your file. Please make sure your email address is correct as you will also be sent a confirmation email with the link (if you can’t see it in your inbox check your spam/junk folder). You will also be able to access your patterns in the downloads area of your account. You are able to download your pattern up to 5 times and links expire after 1 year. Be sure to save your pattern safely on your computer where you can find it easily and if you can’t find it check the ‘downloads’ on your computer. Still no luck? Email us with your order number, name and email address and we’ll be able to help.

PDF patterns cannot be printed from mobile devices. You will need to download to, open and print the pattern on a desktop or laptop computer. You can view the maker instructions on a mobile device instead of printing them.

PRINT AT HOME | The MAKER INSTRUCTIONS & PRINT AT HOME PATTERN are combined in the one file! If you are only seeing 2 pages to print at home, you’ve most likely opened the A0 COPYSHOP file by mistake. Open and print using ADOBE ACROBAT READER (free from here). There is NO NEED TO PRINT EVERYTHING…to save ink and paper view your maker instructions on-screen and just print the pattern. READ the instructions first, they’ll tell you which pages to print. Print the page with the test square first. It MUST measure to size or your pattern will not fit. Having a problem? Take a look at our printing tutorial.