Graphics – Printable Sewing Pattern Envelope Covers

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It’s time to organise those sewing patterns & we have an easy pattern storage solution! These PDF Sewing Pattern Envelope Covers will help you organise those patterns and STAY organised!

The Graphic Collection Sewing Pattern Envelope Cover Pack is available for immediate download, to print at home, so there is no excuse not to sort out those patterns! Just print at home and stick to the front of an envelope.✉️

The striking Graphic design will give a clean, cohesive and fun look to your sewing space. The PDF file is layered so you can choose from 10 different backgrounds and enjoy mixing them in any combination to customise your pattern storage according to your mood!

✂️  More Features

  • Prints on A5, A4 or US letter paper. 
  • Take notes. You’ll have lots of space to record all your pattern information; Pattern name, pattern designer, a sketch of the pattern, a space for fitting & fabric notes, the size, the date you made up your pattern and also the number of pattern pieces. No more wondering if you’ve lost a crucial pattern piece, you can count them back into your envelope!
  • Organise & Colour Code A circle in the top corner has been left plain so you can easily colour code your patterns. Fill it in with a jolly colour to organise your patterns by style, designer, size or whatever works for you! I like all my dress patterns to be one colour, trousers another colour & tops a different colour.

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Graphics – Printable Sewing Pattern Envelope Covers

✂️ Print this PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Reader available for free from
✂️ Easily select the different graphic patterns using the layers feature and print with 1 or more layers to combine prints.
✂️ Print at home on A5, A4 or US Letter sized paper and stick onto the front of your envelope.
✂️ You could even print directly onto a sticker!
✂️ 4 PDF Files – file 1: print guide / file 2: A5 paper layered print at home Envelope Cover / file 2: A4 paper layered print at home Envelope Cover / file 3: US letter paper layered print at home Envelope Cover
✂️ This PDF file is non-editable

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