SIZING: Can’t choose between two sizes? No problem! All patterns are available in multi sizes to allow for personalisation of fit!  We find very few ladies measure exactly to a size chart, so you can choose the best sizing for YOU and will have an excellent starting point to create a perfect garment.

INSTANT! The beauty of PDF patterns is that they are instant! And another bonus is you will be printing them on standard quality computer paper A4 or US letter paper- so much stronger than tissue paper, which ensures durable and long-lasting patterns. I want you to be able to remake your favourite garments, again and again, revisiting your pattern archive like an old friend. I recommend sticking them together with scotch ‘magic’ tape, it doesn’t yellow over time and you can get a pin through it! NO NEED TO PRINT EVERYTHING…to save ink and paper view your maker instructions on-screen and just print the pattern. READ the instructions first, they’ll tell you which pages to print.

PDF DOWNLOADS: Print the page with the test square first. It MUST measure to size or your pattern will not fit. Having a problem? Take a look at our printing tutorial.

SEAM ALLOWANCES ARE INCLUDED IN THE PATTERN. Be careful to take the correct seam allowances, they are listed on the pattern and in the instructions.

TOILE FIRST! Make a TOILE: I highly recommend making a toile first. Basically a toile is just a quick mock-up of your pattern to check the fit on you. Any old fabric will do (I find old duvet covers come in handy). It needs to be of a similar weight and drape to your lovely fabric of choice. Just run up a quick sample, no need to bother with pockets or neatening of seams, you are just making sure the length and fit are going to be OK, and give yourself a chance to do any necessary pattern adjustments before you cut into the decent stuff. If you need to do any pattern adjustments, KEEP A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL PATTERN,  trace off (or be able to print off another original) in case things don’t go according to plan and then do the alterations . There are a multitude of books and online tutorials dedicated to altering and fitting patterns. Toile again to be sure you are happy. Taking the time up front to individualise your pattern may seem tedious, but once you have done this, you can churn out as many garments as you want with confidence!


•Wash and press your fabric

•fold the fabric and lay out pattern pieces according to the cutting diagrams.

•pin in place (pin in the seam allowance for accuracy when cutting and no pin damage to your garment)


•cut out, leaving pattern pinned to each piece so you know what it is later



The boring but necessary bit…

Due to the new E.U VAT laws on digital downloads making life complicated for small business’, patterns can currently only be purchased through Etsy.

PAYMENT: Payment is secure and can be made through Etsy using debit or credit cards or PayPal.

DELIVERY IS FREE! Automatic download after payment YAY!


I’m sure you will be delighted with your purchase; however, if you are unhappy in any way please contact Mrs Maven at

I am sorry but PDF patterns are non-returnable.


All Maven Patterns sewing patterns are for personal use only and not to be shared, redistributed or used in any form for commercial purposes. Email us to for further information.


Spotted an error? Our patterns are tested and retested for fit, accuracy and ease of use, but we are only human!

If you spot a mistake let us know and we will correct it.