We have a new pattern coming out very soon, with a size band of UK 8 – 22, which I know will be disappointing to many so I’m just popping by to give you guys an update on our sizing plans.

The plan is, and has been for quite a while, to add a whole new size range, as we believe this is the best way to ensure a great fit rather than grading extra sizes on to the current one. 

The new size band is be based on a new block and a new size chart. As a business, we have not had the resources to develop a new size band before now as the reality is we will need outside help, and that won’t happen until we can have regular face-to-face fit meetings safely again. Whichever outside help we draft in, we will need them to work as part of our team so that our Maven fit quality is never compromised. (Don’t suggest Zoom, just don’t!) 

For now, Mrs M will carry on developing new patterns in our current size range (8-20) so that as a business we can continue. While behind the scenes work will continue on the new block development and as soon we’re happy with the fit and development of the new size range and a new block we can begin to release our current patterns in our new size band. 

After this has happened, patterns will be released in both size ranges. 

As the new size band has been drafted from scratch and with a new block that we have developed, they will be available as separate products so you will be able to choose either UK 8-20 with a B-cup (some patterns will still be in our original UK 8-18 sizes) or UK 18-32 with a D-cup

These will be newly developed patterns and therefore we will not be issuing free upgrades. We hope you understand that it’s just not possible for us to offer free patterns, develop new ones and still keep paying the rent!

Our top priority will always be to provide industry quality patterns to our customers with no compromise on fit, and with small resources, we ask for your patience while we develop our new sizing band, we are quietly getting on with stuff in the background!

The first patterns to be released with the new size band will be the French Dart Shift, The Rochester and The Somerset. As always, we will release them in PDF first , followed by the printed version later.

Thank you for your patience!