About Mrs Maven

Welcome to Maven Patterns! We are an independent sewing pattern company based in Warwickshire, right in the heart of England.

Our professionally drafted sewing patterns have been designed by Mrs M so you can make and enjoy creating a beautiful wardrobe that reflects your personality. Our carefully written instructions will help you to sew with confidence and build new skills so you can create a me-wardrobe with longevity of use and wear in mind.

We love a well designed garment, an item of clothing that is designed to last and to tell your story. So, we really want you to make the most of your sewing patterns, to cherish & re-use them, to elevate your sewing skills and most of all enjoy your sewing time. With this in mind, we have developed an archive of free tutorials where you can learn new sewing skills & techniques, sewing tips and pattern hacks.

We believe small changes make a difference and sourcing planet friendly haberdashery was very important to us.  We are so delighted to be able to share with you our organic elastics, plastic-free Corozo buttons, eco sewing threads & deadstock haberdashery to help you sew sustainably with ease and peace of mind so we can create mindfully with less impact on the planet.

After a lifetime working as a professional ladies wear pattern cutter, creating clothes for many a high street store, Mrs M became slightly disillusioned with the high turn over of said fashions and the endless need to buy new. What was being lost, she felt, was the art of fitting and construction, and of clothes that made your heart sing, not just for a second, but every time you saw them. So she rebelled, quietly because she’s like that, but rebelled nonetheless and quit the rat race, deciding instead to make clothes that she loved to wear, that reflected her life rather than those generic fashions of the day. So she has dedicated herself to working at Granny’s table, to cracking open the spot and cross* and sharing her knowledge with you in the form of Maven Patterns.

These professional industry quality sewing patterns have been designed with you, the makers and the sewists in mind, allowing you to have inside knowledge of industry secrets for a polished finish to your garments. With these patterns, you will be able to create garments with spirit and integrity that you will want to wear daily and will love forever. Clothes that are beyond fashion, grown-up clothes for the young of heart and creative of mind. Not the stuff of teenagers but of the woman who knows what she likes and wants to wear it, to make it, love it and cherish it. And make it again and again in a different cloth.

These are the clothes of the women who will help save the art of construction, the art of making, who will enjoy the journey savouring every stitch. And these are the sewing patterns for the women who will tear through the instructions in an excited rampage because it’s only two hours till tea time and by jingo, she will have a new top to wear while she burns the fish fingers!

With each Maven Pattern, you will receive a multi-sized sewing pattern and a set of clear and concise illustrated instructions to aid you in achieving a professional looking garment. Our sewing patterns are available in 2 formats. You can choose Digital as a PDF download that can be printed at home on either A4 or US letter paper – much sturdier than traditional commercial tissue paper. Each PDF pattern includes an A0 file for copy shop printing. Our paper patterns, printed on 60gsm paper, again much sturdier than the old tissue paper, and comes presented in their very own beautiful boxed wallet to keep your pattern safe for your next sewing adventure!

Mrs M is old school, drafting each sewing pattern by hand to create a balanced and considered garment – so you will want to re-use and re-create them again and again. That is, after all, the point.

*spot and cross = pattern paper used by the fashion industry.