Spotted an error?

We take our pattern cutting very seriously and our patterns are tested and retested for fit, accuracy and ease of use, but we are only human! If you spot a mistake let us know and we will correct it. Email us @


17.07.22 – PDF print at home pattern called ‘THE WARWICK TIE_PRINT AT HOME PATTERN_MAVEN PATTERNS V1.pdf’ has no measurements on the test square on page 1 – the square should measure 10cm x 10cm, and if printed at 100% should be accurately printed to scale. The updated version has the test square in metric and imperial measurements. Please contact us with your order number and details if you would like the updated version emailed to you.


12/08/18 – Print version only – second print run dated 2018. Incorrect fabric requirements on the back of the box. The correct fabric requirements are shown in the booklet. Please contact us if you would like us to send you a sticker with the correct information. Patterns purchased from 12/08/18 (the Sunday of The Festival of Quilts) onwards will not be affected.