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Maven Patterns The Maria Wrap Apron

Ok. So I haven’t really thought this post through but in the face of the Coronavirus the best thing to do, it seems, is to be kind and wash your hands. With this in mind, we (the family Maven) have decided this weekend (14th & 15th March 2020) to donate 50% of any sales of The Maria Apron PDF pattern to Shelter.

This is a tiny thing, my sales aren’t huge, and we often think the tiny things don’t matter, that they won’t make a difference, that WE can’t make a difference. But they do, it all counts.

So do what you can, carry on supporting your fav small businesses, smile at people, be kind, share the loo roll if you have a stash of it, ring someone to check they’re ok, buy a pattern.

The tiny things? They will all add up and they do matter.

Buy The Maria Apron PDF pattern

Click here to donate directly to Shelter