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The Maria Wrap Apron UPDATE

The Maria Wrap Apron - PDF Sewing Pattern

The Maria Wrap Apron Update

Maven Patterns The Maria Wrap Apron

I’ve done a little re-vamp on the maker instructions for The Maria Wrap Apron.

I’ve added some hyperlinks – Wahoo! – so now if you are viewing your instructions on a screen you can get a direct link to the relevant tutorial if you need it.

I know a lot of you view your instructions on iPads or laptops while sewing up a storm, so hyperlinks can be really useful. Personally, I have to print everything as the computer/office bit/corner of the kitchen is downstairs and sewing studio is upstairs. Obviously, hyperlinks won’t work if you print your instructions as I have too… I’m good but I’m not that good 😉 I’ve also added some pretty colours, because Hey! pretty colours…well, why the hell not?

So just for clarity: there are NO CHANGES TO THE ACTUAL PATTERN OR HOW TO MAKE THE APRON, I’ve just added a few little pretties so the maker instructions have the same features that are already on The Wendy Smock instructions.

If you have already bought The Maria Wrap Apron PDF sewing pattern and would like an updated Maker Instruction file, send me an ETSY convo and I am very happy to email you one – for FREE!

What other features do you like to see in your patterns and maker instructions?

Lots of detail and explanation?

Or do you do the same as my friend Maria (the inspiration for The Maria Wrap Apron) She may (maybe) give the maker instructions a fleeting, cursory glance before completely ignoring them and doing her own thing, only going back to the instructions if necessary.  I’m with Maria (it’s why we’re friends, that and we bonded over how much we hated cooking the small people’s tea after school – it cut into valuable making time – true story. Beer and curry is also part of that story, but I’ll spare you that part…). I’m just firmly of the opinion there is more than one correct way to stitch anything, and you learn from each mistake. So ignore away if that works for you, or read every word and ask all the questions you like – it’s all good ladies!

6 thoughts on “The Maria Wrap Apron UPDATE

  1. Oh ha! I did a combination of all….I went off on my own regarding the pockets. And I incessantly bugged the pattern maker every time I had a tiny fret! 😉

    1. Your method worked, you made a really great apron! 😉

  2. Hi there, I bought the Maria Wrap yesterday on Etsy, is it already updated? What exactly is the update?
    Cant wait to make this apron for my daughters Waldorf teacher!!!! She wears a similar one every single day!!!

    1. Hi! The update was a while ago so you have the latest version, I just added a few pretty colours and hyperlinks to the tutorial. I hope you enjoy making her!

  3. Hi I’m so in love with this as an everyday work outfit. I hand make children’s clothes and want to show off that I’m wearing something handmade too. I need to be practical and this is stylish and extremely comfortable looking. Please please let me know how to get a pattern??? I really need to make and wear one very soon! Can’t wait Johanna x

    1. Hi Johanna!
      You can purchase the apron pattern from my Etsy shop (
      Love your children’s clothes, they are so cute! x

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