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Pattern Magic – an experiment



“Garments we design ourselves appeal to the emotions as well as the eye.

Unexpected shapes and forms can be converted into flat patterns and ultimately into garments. From this new ideas develop, making the process a rewarding one.

I want to copy forms and details that I create unexpectedly onto a flat surface to understand their structure as a pattern.

Patterns are like documents that describe a garment, conveying its structure more eloquently than words. They can even convey the thoughts of its creator.”


Author and creator of Pattern Magic | Professor at Bunka Fashion College

Inspiring and thoughtful words.

The following samples are the result of a workshop in 3D pattern cutting that I attended a while back, and taken from the cult Japanese book Pattern Magic 2.

I’ve had the Pattern Magic books for a few years, and looked but had not really given them the time they deserve. These shapes have played on my mind for the last few weeks, a pattern cutters mind is always trying to find a parallel between creativity and practicality. I’m curious now as to how this little experiment will inform future designs. I’ve found, over the years, patience is usually the key for me. Ideas tend to fight their way to the top and escape when they’re ready and when I’ve made a little space for them.

In the mean time I’m happy with these little toiles and the time taken to play.


NYOKITTO | at the front


NYOKITTO | at the front


NYOKITTO | at the back

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