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Eco sewing…

We’re all trying to be conscious of the environment these days and the topic of single-use plastic is at the forefront of many eco conversations. Well, I’m very pleased to say that we now have the Gütermann Sew-all rPet thread in stock on the website. Those that came to the Knit and stitching show in October will have seen Mr.M with this thread and it has had a very good reception so we thought we would share them on the Maven site too!

It’s a good general all-purpose thread, with all the quality that we know we can expect from Gütermann.

It’s eco-friendly and made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, one bottle can produce around 1000m of sew-all thread.

That’s got to be a good thing!

All the details |

  • High quality that you can expect from a Gütermann thread.
  • For all fabrics and seams
  • For sewing machines and sewing by hand
  • For closing and quilting seams
  • For overlock and safety seams
  • For buttonholes and sewing on buttons
  • For delicate embroidering stitching and decorative seams
  • Recommended needle size: universal needle NM 80–90
  • Made in Germany, using the existing production facilities
  • Tear and abrasion-resistant
  • Strong and flexible
  • Soft and supple
  • Non-fade and colourfast
  • 100% recycled polyester thread