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The Barcelona – Neck Dart Tuck Tutorial

This isn’t a very complicated part of the Barcelona dress but a few extra photos never hurt anyone!

So what is a dart tuck? A dart tuck is really just a dart that is only partially stitched along the dart legs so the fullness is released below the stitching.

Because of the angle of the tuck, you will find the stripes won’t match.

Method |

Fold the tuck in half along centre fold so the notches at the neck align (I’ve placed a pin above the neck so you can see the notch) and the marker dots lay directly on top of each other. Push a pin through dots to help line up with each other.

Sew from notch to dot, pivot and sew across from dot to fold edge and backstitch.

You could stop sewing at the dot but a backstitch can be a bit untidy here and sewing across to fold helps to keep the tuck in shape.

While the tuck is still flat and wrong side up, press flat and along the crease for about 6cm past the stitching.  

The centrefold actually lines up with the end of the bust dart and the bust point if you need a visual to keep things straight.

Flip over to right side up and press the bulk of the dart towards the armhole and softly press the tuck for about 5cm past stitchline.

Edgestitch at neck edge in the SA to hold the bulk of the tuck flat. And that’s it!

As a little extra option…if you prefer a dart at the neck instead of tuck, just extend the legs of the tuck until they meet (red lines above) and just stitch as a normal dart.