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The Good Times Skirt | details

| the details|

We have just released our 7th sewing pattern! Our latest pattern The Good Times Skirt is a slim A-line silhouette and fitted through the hips. It’s a modern and functional reinterpretation of my favourite denim skirt, thoughtfully designed to give you many years of joy.

I’ve designed The Good Times Skirt with a few subtle details …The Good Times Skirt has been designed to be made using stretch denim, I’m all for a little more comfort in my daily life! But I didn’t want to waste that delightful selvedge. So, I made a feature of it with this reverse seam detail on the centre front and centre back seam.

As denim comes in all different widths it can be, at times, a little wasteful to use the selvedge, so we have other options for you that still retain the reverse seam detail. Hong Kong finish your seams for a striking contrast…

Or turn the edge under for a clean and modern look.

And now to my favourite feature…the pockets! The pockets were specifically designed to hold my rather large phone and a travelcard on days out. They do their job magnificently. They are finished with a contrast facing which gives you the opportunity to use up some of those lovely scraps we all have lurking around.

The waistband uses the ‘wrong’ side of the denim making a nice contrast to the skirt body and echos the reverse seam detail. Of course, you may prefer to use the usual side of your denim as I have on my Hong Kong Finish sample. Hong Kong binding is a nice way to neaten the waistband too, making your insides as pretty as your outsides.

A metal trouser zip goes all the way to the top of the waistband for a fuss-free (don’t-have-to-do-a-buttonhole) closure.

And finally, we have 2 hem finishes to choose from.

Use a contrasting print and the faced hem gives a little flash of joy with each wear.

I’ve enjoyed wearing the raw edge finish on my skirt. The occasional trim keeps the ends tidy and the edgestitch (use a matching thread for a subtle design feature) controls how much of your edge will fray. I really hope you enjoy planning the details of your Good Times Skirt as much as I have – you can make it as unique as you are!